Benefits of eating organic

Why bother eating organic? Is it really worth it? Here are my thoughts on the subject, and why I choose to eat organic whenever possible.

– It reduces the amount of chemicals you are exposed to. Pesticides in particular are made to kill, and although we are far bigger than the insects they were designed for, if they build up in our body over time they can affect us negatively. Pesticide exposure has been linked to all kinds of illnesses from autism to cancer. In fact, any illness you may experience has probably been linked to a type of chemical exposure at some point.

– It reduces the amount of chemicals the workers are exposed to. I read an article in the National Geographic a few years back showing the impact of these chemicals on the workers. I remember pictures of people walking through enclosed greenhouses and breathing in all the fumes, and reading about the terrible health implications of this type of production. By buying organic, you are encouraging the food industry to tackle this problem, because at the end of the day they just want your money. Put your money in the industries you want to increase.

– It reduces the amount of chemicals that seep into the environment. The environment and wildlife suffers terribly from the use of chemicals and pesticides, which have been blamed for the decline of many species, from fish to honeybees. Of course, this is a chain reaction- for instance, if honeybees decrease in number, it will be more difficult for plants to reproduce, which can have devastating effects on our food supply in the future. We live off the environment, even in this modern age, and it’s in our best interests to look after it.

– When on the subject of organic meat, it shows the industry there are customers. It’s such a sad sight to see organic meat reduced or called off because no one will buy it. Invest in organic food near you and you will help keep it alive. There’s also a good arguement for eating organic meat over cutting out meat when it comes to animal welfare- that way, those who care about the animals are actively selecting an alternative, rather than leaving the entire meat industry to those who aren’t concerned about intensive, cruel and poor quality farming methods.

– Organic food is claimed to have more nutrients in it. Just look at this article: It’s an investment in your health and gives a boost to everything you eat.

Do you eat organic? Do you think it is important?


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