Cutting down on refined sugar

There are so many health reasons to cut down on sugar, but it’s difficult when so much of it is around.

I’ve managed to go without refined sugar entirely for six months. I felt great, stopped craving chocolates and cakes, and my skin was the best it had been for years.

My favourite ways to reduce the amount of refined sugar I eat:

– Using dark unrefined sugar. It is better for you, with vitamins and minerals that refined sugar doesn’t have, and a distinctive caramel taste. In those times when you really want to use sugar, it’s a far better choice than white refined sugar.

– Try experimenting with natural sweeteners such as honey and molasses, which have their own wonderful health-properties.

– Use dextrose, or glucose, instead of sugar. It is absorbed by the body more efficiently and is cheap and easy to buy.

– Eat dark chocolate, which is full of antioxidants and raises serotonin levels to make you feel happy, rather than milk chocolate bars with lots of sugar.

– Have a fruit salad, which will give you vitamins, fibre and antioxidants in addition to some more natural sugar.

I find the best way to cut down on sugar is to take it easy. If you find it difficult, restrict yourself to one sweet thing a day. Remember that sugar is addictive- once you stop eating so much of it, you’ll want it less!

Here is an interesting article on the dangers of sugar:


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