Drink healthy

You may be eating healthy meals and getting exercise, but you may still feel bored or confused when it comes to what you should be drinking.

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration!


Yes, everyone knows water is the number one healthy drink, but what’s the best way to drink it? Apparently with a pinch of pink Himalayan rock salt! The rock salt gives the water essential minerals to help you recover any electrolytes lost, which is a more complete method of hydration.

It’s also really important to drink a glass of water after you wake up in the morning to cleanse before you eat your breakfast. Filtered water is usually recommended over tap water, which often has a lot of chemicals in it, or bottled water, which isn’t always regulated well and can contain residues from the plastic bottle it was kept in.

Coconut water is another option. Of course, it’s more expensive, but it has a lovely delicate taste and is naturally full of electrolytes to replenish your body.


Not just tea, but all kinds of infusions, such as camomile, nettle, dandelion… the list goes on. There are so many different flavours and so many different benefits to gain from drinking herbal teas. The warmth is also great for cleansing and relaxing your whole body. Whether you have a cold (lemon and ginger), are feeling stressed (camomile), or simply have a bit of a sweet tooth (liquorice and peppermint), there’ll be a tea for you. Well worth experimenting with the different types on the market. I’ve done a seperate post all about my favourite teas- check it out for more information.

Fruit juice

I actually added this one in because most people think it’s a healthy drink. However, there’s an awful lot of sugar in fruit juice, and if it’s concentrated and pasturised too you’re not really getting much nutritional benefit at all. Juice your own, or try vegetable juice which has less sugar.

Vegetable juice

If you’re serious about a natural, healthy lifestyle, it’d be a good investment for you to get a juicer and to read up about vegetable juicing, which is a great way to give yourself an extra boost of all the nutritional properties of vegetables. No matter what you’re looking for, there will be a vegetable juice that will hit the spot, and there are loads of dedicated communities of juicers online who will give you advice and recipes.

What’s your favourite healthy drink? Let me know!


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