Dry skin brushing

Here is a simple technique with some amazing health benefits. All you need is to buy a good-quality body brush (cactus hair is recommended) and just use it to invigorate your skin before a shower. It will draw toxins out of your skin, so it’s important to have a shower after you dry-brush.

How do you start? Well, start from the soles of the feet and work your way up. Always help the blood and lymphatic system out by stroking towards your heart, not away from it. Dry-brush the soles of your feet and then, in upward strokes, go up your ankles, lower leg, knees and upper leg, trying to touch every bit of skin. Repeat with the other leg, brushing upwards all the time, until you get to your stomach, where you should gently brush clockwise (from your point of view, looking downwards). Brush up your back and your arms but as you get above the heart, brush down to the heart.

You can also dry-brush your face with a more delicate brush.

So, what does it do for you? Here are some of the biggest benefits to dry-brushing:

It encourages circulation and helps rid the body of toxins, as the skin is our largest organ and many toxins are released through it.

It strengthens the immune system, encourages healthy emotions and a calm state of mind.

It tightens the skin, helps reduce cellulite, gets rid of skin cells and gives you more of a glow.

It helps with muscle tone and regulating fat deposits.

You can find more detail on dry skin brushing here: http://www.jashbotanicals.com/articles/skin_brushing.html

I really recommend this technique, it’s so easy and incredibly helpful for the body!


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