A better night’s sleep

Are you having trouble going to sleep, or getting good quality sleep? In my experience, these things help to ensure you get the perfect night’s rest.

– Try to sleep before 11pm and don’t wake up later than 7am. This is more in tune with our natural cycle and will encourage a deeper, more beneficial sleep than if you go to bed later.

– Don’t sleep more than 7 or 8 hours, you really don’t need to and it might damage your sleeping pattern. If you are really tired when you wake up, it’s better to nap after lunch. 15 to 20 minutes is a great amount of time to nap for an energy boost, but you can allow yourself up to an hour. After lunch is when our bodies naturally slow down a little and you will get more from this than if you stay in bed longer in the morning.

– Use the scent of lavender to help you relax. Invest in some good quality lavender oil and place a few drops on your pillow before you go to bed. You can also put it on your pulse points.

– Drink some camomile tea. Camomile is famous for helping to get rid of anxiety and stress, and if taken regularly can really make a difference in your life. Warm milk with a bit of honey or brandy is another great bedtime drink, and if you fancy a small snack, turkey contains a chemical that aids relaxation.

– Prepare for sleep. Don’t stay up as long as you can and reluctantly jump into bed only when you are exhausted. It’s better to let your mind adjust to the fact you’re going to bed. Enjoy the procedure- get ready an hour earlier, create a relaxing atmosphere, read a good book and feel yourself adjust from the pressures of the day.

– Use the healing power of touch. If a partner gives you a massage or strokes your head when you’re tired, it releases happy, relaxing chemicals in your brain and helps you to sleep. You can do it on your own, too- gently massage your temples, the sides of the top of your nose, your eyebrows, the back of your neck or the fleshy part of your thumb on the palm of your hand to help you wind down. You can also try placing your right hand on the top of your spine and your left hand on the bottom of your spine to encourage a feeling of relaxation and contentment.

– Try meditation. You might want to put on some calming music, visualise a tranquil scene or simply observe your own breath, but whichever method of meditation suits you will help slow your mind down and get you ready for some much-needed rest and rejuvination. My favourite night-time meditation involves me imagining I am lying on a perfect, comfortable cloud, travelling through the night sky with clear stars all around me.

What helps you get the perfect night’s sleep?


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