Powerful medicinal foods


Yes, it’s a little smelly. But garlic is an absolute powerhouse of health benefits!

It fights viral and bacterial infections, heart disease, cancer, fungus, strokes, warts and moles. It also lowers high blood pressure and high cholestrol.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Touted as an effective remedy for a whole variety of symptoms, including acne, ezcema, heart palpitations, anxiety, infections and high blood pressure, this is really worth having in your life. Take it diluted in water, use it on your skin and hair, and see the results!

Blackstrap Molasses

This has been claimed to tackle tumours, anxiety, digestive problems, acne and joint problems, for a start. Add the fact that it’s a natural sweetener that’s actually good for you, increases your energy and is full of minerals, and you’ll know this needs to be in your cupboard!

Have you had success with any natural remedies? What were they?

If you are interested in reading about natural remedies, check out the website www.earthclinic.com.


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