Benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is a truly wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle, both in your food and in your beauty routine. Look for organic, extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil- it may be expensive, but it will last, and it’s so beneficial!

So, what is so special about it?

Coconut oil is far more resistant to rancidity than other oils you use in cooking, retaining its nutritional content for a long time.  It is anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial, helps to increase metabolism, strengthens the immune system, aids digestion, controls blood sugar levels, aids absorption of minerals and tastes great.

How should you use it?

Try cooking with it as its nutritional properties are resistant to heat. It gives a lovely, delicately sweet hint to food.

Eat a spoonful or two a day, either straight, or stirred into green tea. The model Miranda Kerr swears by this.

Use it on your skin to heal infections, moisturise, combat the signs of aging, remove makeup and feed the skin with antioxidants. It has also been claimed to help with allergies, eczema and getting rid of warts and moles.

Use it on your hair for extra hydration, shine and softness.

Do you know of any other great ways to use coconut oil? Leave a comment and spread the word!


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