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About detoxing

I often hear about people detoxing, especially after big festivals such as Christmas and New Year, or before a big event such as holiday or a wedding. But what exactly is a detox and what does it do?

Basically, a detox is a way to cleanse your body, to give it a break and a chance to rejuvenate before you carry on with your life. This means that, during a detox, you reduce the intake of toxins as much as possible so that your body can concentrate on getting rid of the rubbish that’s already in your system. There are different kinds of detoxing plans from fasts to cutting out a particular type of food.

As for fasting, fasting for one day won’t do the body any harm and has been recommended since ancient times. Fasting means you abstain from food, but water must be allowed, at the very least. If you do a longer fast, make sure you research it well. Water alone won’t be able to keep you going, and you’ll need to understand what nutrients to put into your body, how long to fast for and how to ease your body into eating again.

You might feel a bit daunted by going on a complete fast but are still interested in detoxing. In this case, cut out food that may cause your body trouble. You can cut out wheat, all grain, sugar, processed foods, cooked foods, non-organic foods… whichever suits you at the time. The more food groups you cut out, the more effective the detox will be- within reason. You don’t want to deprive your body, so make sure you know what you’re doing. If you’re not sure how to feed your body well whilst doing a detox, it’s best to keep it short so you don’t suffer any nutritional side-effects.

As for me, when I detox I cut out wheat, sugar and processed foods. I focus on eating as much raw food as possible, particularly concentrating on vegetables. If I want to go a little further I cut out all grains and try to buy everything organic. I aim to include raw vegetables and some protein (egg, raw cheese or some organic meat) in each meal. Ideally, I’d like to eat like this all the time, but until I feel confident enough to do so, detoxing helps me to adjust to a cleaner diet and get used to eating less of those foods that aren’t beneficial for me.

One pleasant side-effect of detoxing is weight loss. My own sister recently dropped two jean sizes just by following an all-natural detox programme for 9 days (she did the programme twice). Her husband also lost two stone. This particular detox programme can be bought on my health shop here:

It comes with loads of personal support and advice every step of the way, and also has a 60 day money back guarantee. So if, in just 9 days, you haven’t lost excess weight and felt the benefits of the detox you won’t even be out of pocket. There’s still time to get that body you’ve been aiming for…


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